The Red Chair Studio Experience In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Red Chair Anywhere is an online extension of the brick and mortar Pilates and Yoga studio called the Red Chair Studio

At a time when the world is quickly changing, mind-body awareness and routine self-care is the top priority in need to stay healthy and sane

 Out of the necessity to have live classes and private sessions available to all, streaming online was the answer


Red Chair's Anywhere is here for you, available anywhere you have access to the internet.


 Just like in-person studio classes, live streaming classes are great motivators to help you keep appointments and therefore stay true to your goals, whatever that is for you.


Red Chair's Anywhere classes are fresh and interactive every time, and anywhere you are.


Every class is led by passionate, experienced and professional teachers that are trained in many styles of yoga and Pilates  


Join a class that resonates with you or try them all


 For more in-depth and individualized practice, we offer one on one sessions too!