Be Here Now, Be healthy Now, Be Home Now!

Updated: May 27, 2020

By Leanna Doyle

We all know that most humans have the need to be around other humans. We love to be out and about socializing anywhere in restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, places of worship, and yes our beloved studios, where we practice, breathe and sweat together. So what happens when the opportunity for these social needs currently becomes unavailable? Do we just stop? I don't think so, thanks to our current technology. Our dwellings and our devices have so much to offer us in the way of social interacting as we do the activities we love. We have access to lots of good and productive things too! We can get in shape, and stay in shape, with our bodies and our minds! For those of us who are drawn to classes led by inspirational teachers, there are now live streaming classes. Each class is coming to us live, after we click the link, and happening in real time. Find your favorite teachers and practice with them, or discover new favorite teachers and classes. Check in, be present, and enjoy the experience. We are truly all in this together - at the same time!