Creating the ultimate practice environment

Updated: May 27, 2020

If you've been practicing in a studio space, where the environment is already created, your only task when entering the room, is where you place your mat within the boarders of that space. As you look around, and see the other class participants laying down mats, you realize you have very little control of your surrounding space, and your environment may not be the ultimate for your practice. If you've been streaming classes lately or are new to streaming, you may have noticed the creative freedom you have to set up your practice environment. Here are a few things to think about when creating your ultimate space. Check the weather. If you have a space to practice outside, the temperature, wind, brightness, or noise, should be a consideration when setting up. Make sure your device has a good connection to the internet. Interruptions in service, can be a real bummer in the middle of any class. Another thing to consider is ground. Make sure your mat is on a level space by laying down flat on the mat for a few minutes and trust your sensory experience. If this feels just right for you, then it's probably level. If you practice inside, pick a space in a room free of noise and traffic and plenty of space to move. Maybe choose an area with nearby clear wall space for practicing inversions or restorative poses. If you have the ability to control the room temperature, make sure you set that up at least 30 minutes before. Set the lighting, you can use real or electric candles, salt lamps or other lighting that sets a calm mood. Look around and make sure there isn't clutter in your view, your focus should be on your practice, not on the things you need to take care of later. Keep only essentials near by. Along with your mat and props, a towel and essential oils, sprigs of lavender, or other living plants that have a pleasing fragrance, may add to your ultimate environment. Setting up the position of your device, test the view sitting and standing. As most streaming classes are interactive, make sure the teacher can see you if you would like feedback. If the teacher doesn't remind you, you should always mute your device when class starts, a courtesy to others who are practicing. So these are just a few thi