Resetting Humanity and the Environment

Here we are, Earth Day 2020, most of the world still practicing social distancing, staying home, and taking on new ways to work, educate, and take care of ourselves. From the stories I hear, and what I see, it appears that humanity has stepped up to help those in need. This pause in our regular everyday lives has brought about, in many of us, more kindness, compassion, and philanthropy. There are so many more volunteering and offering help. Businesses big and small are gifting free services, food, and other valuable necessities. Artists from around the globe, are performing without pay, to entertain us and soothe our worried minds. It's like the whole is shouting out, "Let us be of service!"

Staying put, has also brought about some dramatic environmental changes, in a relatively short amount of time. We can see scientific evidence that pollution and greenhouse emissions have fallen across the continents. According to, compared to this time last year, levels of pollution in New York have reduced by nearly 50%. In China, emissions fell 25% at the start of the year, and coal fell by 40% at Chinas six largest power plants, since the last quarter of 2019. Satellite images show nitrogen dioxide emissions fading away over Northern Italy, Spain, and the UK.

It's hard to predict how long all these changes will last and if they will continue, but one can certainly imagine the implications. Maybe we should use this time in our history to create new goals, and reset ourselves, our communities, and our mother earth.

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