Leanna Doyle

         Yoga and Pilates 
Owner of Red Chair Studio

For 20 years Leanna has enjoyed owning her own studio, where she taught her clients yoga and classical Pilates.  Now she brings her studio experience and passion for teaching to you with Red Chairs Anywhere streaming yoga and Pilates.   The mind body connection that shapes the practices of both yoga and Pilates, has been with Leanna from a very young age.  Extensive demands from figure skating competitions and dance performances, led her to seek skills and tools that would help her focus better on overall performance.  Through yoga and Pilates, she was able to better focus, visualize, and find breath control.   Leanna's teaching experience spans over three decades, bringing with her numerous certifications and a BFA in Dance, and she continues to further educate herself by studying with some of the finest teachers and pioneers in both yoga and Pilates.  After taking one of Leanna's classes, it's clear that she is passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge, and clients find comfort in knowing they are being guided from exactly where they are at the time.  Her classes involve clear and descriptive cuing as well as a steller blend of alignment, strength building, and creative sequencing.  Her teaching style provides students with a compassionate safe space for anyone and all, whether you are attending class with a personal injury, looking to further deepen your practice, or simply to find joy.

Nicolette Sweeney

Nicolette first started practicing yoga when she was six years old when her mother became a yoga instructor.  After following her mother from practice to practice, she quickly fell in love with yoga   From Spain, to Washington DC, to California, Nicolette continued to practice and work in yoga studios, throughout her high school and college years.  Shortly after graduating from UCLA, Nicolette graduated from Yogaworks 500-hour Teacher Training in 2016 and started teaching in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  Currently in the US, Nicolette consistently teaches classes in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara California.

Nicolette focuses on strength, alignment, and breath in her classes.  She passes on to her students the very detailed style of yoga, based on the school of Iyengar and Ashtanga.  For Nicolette, the practice of yoga is to study the mechanisms of each pose, the body and mind connection, and the flow of breath.


Yoga and Meditation