What They're saying

"Leanna radiates uplifting energy. Her teaching has a beautiful seamless rhythm while guiding us inward and building strength - with both her yoga and pilates sessions. Her intuition always seems spot on with what the collective group needs. Leanna's experience and knowledge is lengthy, yet she doesn't take herself too seriously... smiles and laughter are always welcome. Without fail, I feel more relaxed yet energized after each class. The best!"
"Leanna’s personality radiates positive energy. Her yoga zoom classes turn my day into tranquil peace."
"Anytime I come to visit California I make it a point to go to as many of Leanna's classes as I can in her beautiful studio in Carpinteria. She has a way of guiding the class into a deep mind-body connection I have yet to experience with any other instructor. Each class is challenging and rewarding, and I always leave feeling back to center. I'm more than pleased to now be able to take her classes from a thousand miles away!"
"I have been fortunate to be taking yoga and Pilates classes from Leanna for close to ten years. I love her approach to building a practice, making each class an opportunity to deepen your own experience. I love the vinyasa flow class, now available remotely - her clear instruction, great cues, and “finding the joy”, it is an amazing and challenging workout each and every time. Your mind, body and soul will benefit from this incredible practice. Thank you, Leanna, Carpinteria is so lucky to have you as our Yogi master and friend."
"In the many years that I have known and enjoyed taking classes with Leanna, I have always been impressed by her love of life long learning and her desire to continue growing professionally and personally. She brings focus and dedication to her practice and her craft, and inspires her students to reach further, with joy and intention. Now she is modeling adaptability and flexibility in this new teaching method, and we are the lucky recipients!"
"Nicolette's classes represent the essence of who she is - refreshing, one of a kind, and full of personality. She has a keen awareness of everyone in the room - their stories, injuries, alignment. She challenges longer holds in postures with clear guidance about body mechanics. Her classes draw you towards deeper connection with yourself - physically and beyond. She speaks from her heart and doesn't rely on "yoga teacher lingo." Her smile and energy are infectious!"
"Not only is it her smile and aura around her that makes Nicolette a five star plus yoga instructor, it's the fact that she is really a hands-on instructor.  She makes you feel every pose deeply and doesn't turn yoga into a cardio event.  Her class can be done by anyone and she is there to demonstrate the poses and make sure you don't hurt yourself.  She adjusts your poses when needed and always according to the specific student.  Usually when you take your first yoga class, you need to watch others around you.  Nicolette, however, makes sure your first experience is special and she'll always make you want to come back!"